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Steven DeveloperSteve Coochin
Steven DeveloperSteve Coochin
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Short Bio

Chief Innovation Officer Lilypad Network | Director The Coochin Company
30+ years Developer | 10+ years Data Analyst | 10+ years Devrel

Medium Bio

With over thirty years of development, coding, and DevOps experience, DeveloperSteve has evolved into a Chief Innovation Officer known for his technical mastery and innovative thinking. His career began in coding, where he mastered various programming languages and tackled DevOps complexities. His notable achievements include creating advanced analytics and migration tools and pioneering geospatial analytics to strategically map sales channels and workforce allocation. In developer relations, Steve fostered an innovative culture, championed open-source projects, and led collaborative efforts, gaining recognition as a tech thought leader representing organisations like IBM, PayPal, and with the United Nations. 

Long Bio

DeveloperSteve is a Chief Innovation Officer with over three decades of experience in development, coding, and DevOps, coupled with being an innovative thinker with technical prowess. Steve started his technical journey as a coder, learning multiple programming languages and getting hands-on experience in the complexities of DevOps architectures. As a data analyst, he engineered sophisticated analytics and migration tools for companies, including the Australian Yellow Pages. Steve’s innovative efforts extended into geospatial analytics, where he developed solutions to analyze geographical data. This enabled his organization to delineate sales channel boundaries and optimize workforce distribution strategically. 

During his time in developer relations, he developed a deep understanding of the developer community and ecosystem dynamics. This experience allowed him to promote an innovation-driven culture within his organization, encourage open-source initiatives, and lead cross-functional collaboration. His strong advocacy for open source increased community involvement and established him as a recognized thought leader in the technology industry. He has collaborated with and represented companies such as IBM, PayPal, Braintree, Xero, Telstra, Nginx, and Snyk. Furthermore, he organized global tech events and hackathons, including notable partnerships with the United Nations, highlighting his commitment to utilising technology for global and societal impact.

As a Chief Innovation Officer, DeveloperSteve employs his comprehensive technical knowledge, creative thinking, and strategic insight to drive his organisation towards new horizons. He adeptly steers through the intricate digital transformation landscape with nimbleness and visionary foresight. His visionary leadership is not limited to achieving operational goals. Still, it extends to significantly impacting the broader tech community, demonstrating the power of technology to drive positive change.

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