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Senior Dev Advocate @lumigo, @Barayamal3 advisor. Dev/Maker/Geek/Speaker/streamer/ruralite 🐴🐶🏞️ Prev @snyksec @IBMDeveloper @telstradev @XeroAPI @PayPalDev

Long Bio

DeveloperSteve comes from a strong background as a developer, with over 20 years industry experience he has worked with companies, startups and not for-profits of all sizes.

DeveloperSteve has worked closely with developer communities as a Tech Evangelist and Advocate to develop and nurture the healthy developer and start-up culture that continues to flourish. With a passion for sharing knowledge DeveloperSteve is an established international speaker and loves geeking out with people everywhere.

As a Tech Evangelist and Advocate he has represented and worked with global companies such as Snyk, IBM, PayPal, Braintree, Xero, Telstra, Nginx, Gitlab and more.