About Me

Hello my name is Steven and i’m a Tech/Geek/Full Stack Developer who can code tall buildings in a single bound then present it on stage … with puns.

Coding since i was 8 i’ve always had a passion for all things tech. I have always been able to get inside tech and understand how it works and get it to do more than what it was designed to do.

I love keeping up with the latest tech trends, news and sharing new and exciting things as they appear. Big lover of Automation processes and creating dynamic code.

When i get code in my head (which is almost all the time) look out world, sometimes i wonder where it all fits and i always manage to surprise myself sometimes with the innovative way i can leap around problems that will turn up in creating the most awesome site, app or the perfect server stack.

From building and managing servers to sourcing new and exciting technologies i do it all, for me it’s about the challenge and going the extra byte. The only thing that holds me back is my imagination and given enough time i will find a way around anything.

Love the stage and sharing my knowledge

Working close with developer communities i have presented everything from Keynotes, talks, workshops and MC’ed throughout the world plus helped with event logistics, advice and mentoring.

I’ve worked with developers, startups and big corporates alike to help shape and guide better outcomes for ideas, projects and apps. For me building the right framework and platform in the beginning is as vital as the plan for the future roadmap for any project.

I used to be an Analyst

…but now i am found, Special mention to PayPal who recognised me as a web developer before i even considered myself a web developer (even though i was for a long time before).

Massive Talisman Fan

Love a good roll-playing game (computerised and otherwise) and also have a small collection of medieval weaponry and armor, and like all good geeks i’ve even made my own chain Armor!