An annoucement

An annoucement


Its been 11 years 8 months 21 days since we came down to Melbourne, Time flies and fun was had in a mix of good times and bad (mostly good).

Today i resigned as senior developer for the growing ThinktankSocial Agency in Melbourne that i have been at since it started 2 years ago.

It was like it was only yesterday that i bough the domain name and connected to the newly created Rackspace server to start installing a brand new cPanel instance. It was like only yesterday that i created Sam Mutimer‘s email address that signified the birth of something new.

But this is more than a change of job its a change of city… its time for us to move back to Sydney.

Its been fun Melbourne and i thank you for the opportunities the people and the amazing city to explore but its time to go home…. back to Sydney.

Today i accepted a position with the Traffik agency in Sydney with its growing Digital arm and i look forward to doing what i do best and being able to bring my love of code, tech and all things geeky to a whole new group of people (and possibly the occasional dad joke).

Ive never been a fan of goodbyes (and thankfully because of social media we dont have to) but as i wind up my ThinktankSocial time id like to thank the Thinktank team for being so awesome and for putting up with my weird and (lol) wonderful(?) ways. I leave knowing they are in the capable and talented developer hands of Lisa Lu and i know she will take you in the direction you need to head and above all id like to thank the director Sam Mutimer for giving me the freedom to do what i was able to do.