Yarra Valley Water – Saving Water?


Yarra Valley Water – Saving Water? is a campaign setup by Yarra Valley Water to apparently help reduce water usage, and rightly so with such a resource being wasted in years of late. Indeed even on its main website they drive the saving water message home via a Shower Head Exchange Program where they will even send someone out at no cost to install it with a saving of “11,000 Liters a year”.

But how serious are they about saving it when they suggest an activity that contradicts all their campaigning?

The entire campaign is washed away (pun intended) with a recent incident involving the Strata that we live in who recently had a dispute with Yarra Valley Water sending a bill to them with some water usage, only problem is there’s no taps that Strata knows of in the Strata areas.

Yarra Valley Water‘s response to the dispute was for each of the units on their seperate sub-grids stop using water while each one in turn uses 10L’s of water to check metered usage and assumingly check for water flow issues, at minimum this means that we will need to take 30L’s of water out of the system and even then may need more if that test itself doesnt show the results intended.

So in an age where we can see galaxies so old they make the Earth look like a day care center we still cant even manage the basic infrastructure that provides something that we take for granted? Surely there is another option, to so frivolously waste something that was protected so intently in years of late that crimes were committed in its protection for people watering their gardens on days correctly allocated.

Im going to stand my ground on this one (yep thats another pun), there must be another more effective way than “oh lets just use water and see what happens” and if there isnt then there sure does need to be one created. As the saying goes “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this is a prime example.