Startup Bus Australia

Startup Bus Australia

Startup Buswas created in 2010 by an Australian (Woot Represent!) to help showcase the talents of the chosen “Buspreneurs” which are made up of not only developers but those with the gift of seeing opportunities in innovation where others don’t. The rules are simple, 48 hours to create startups while on a bus using only the resources that are at hand (on the bus).

In 2011 the project gained a lot more momentum with 6 loads of “Buspreneurs” setting out to change the world, this year is set to explode with more of these mobile innovation creations setting out in many many more countries (and its only a matter of time before they make it onto Virgin Galactic).

This post is about just that, i want to get Startup Bus to Australia (it is the home of its creator after all) and to do it i need the help of anyone that can….

So i’m calling on you, yes you reader.. i don’t care if you are a Developer, Project Manager, Theoretical physicist, Train Driver, Diver, Drover, Electrician or even just unemployed, I need every one of you to clap their hands and believe that fairies exist… oh wait wrong franchise…

I need every one to tweet and share from the buttons below to help bring it to Australia to help showcase what we can do to the world!

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