Gerry Harvey you n00b

Gerry Harvey you n00b

Gerry Harvey is in the news again this time making up excuses that his bad sales are because of the media, LOL how ironic he goes on the news to complain about the media #fail.

According to the news this morning

Despite reporting a 9 per cent rise in net profit to $252.2 million for the year to June 30, Mr Harvey said yesterday he was "not happy with the results by a long shot".
"Our sales in technology, computers and television have been hit badly because of price deflation," he said."Televisions were the biggest offender.

Well Gerry we splashed out and bought a new 110cm TV in the past few months and like everything we buy i shopped around on the internet before we went out and bought it. Harvey Norman’s website was terrible, the search function was buggy  and could not display multiple search criteria not to mention you were just completely overpriced! We ended up getting it from JB HI FI and even ended up spending $200 more than we had set out to do just because it was a better model.

Seriously Gerry its time to retire and let someone in with new ideas, someone that at least understands what the internet is and knows how to use a smart phone. Buying failing retailer Clive Peters for $55 million AUD is probably a good indication of its time to step down. Take up Lawn bowls or go on a cruise or something but for .com’s sake retire already!