GPS online games get lost

GPS online games get lost

You know at first i thought online GPS games were kinda cool and ive played a few over the past year (on Android of course) but im yet to find a game that does it well.

The reason being is lack of people playing, take Parallel Kingdom for example. They use Google maps and your phone GPS to create a world and place you in it based on your location. You can then attack creatures (also known as Mobs) or other players and gather resources (mine stone and chop trees etc) to create weapons, build houses etc but with so few people actually playing the game the Massive Multi player element is really lost.

On top of that most of the community cant really interact with each other due to distance, it would take a week of travel to make it to the other side of the world via in game navigation leaving players feeling rather isolated especially in countries without many players to start.

The same is said for the numerous Monopoly style property games ive seen popup over the past few years such as MyTown or Turf Wars which just has limited player interaction due to distance (although sometimes functionality) and lack of players which really just removes a much needed element from the whole Massive Multi Player Online Game schema.

GPS and location does have a future though i think in adding value to offline events in creating a community around sporting events (Such as Golf or cycling etc) allowing sporting participants in connecting and networking and even sharing event information (weather or known trouble spots) prior to and during an event.