Computerworld Nov 5th 2009

Computerworld Nov 5th 2009

PayPal Australia to launch First PayPal X Developer Competition
PayPal has launched it global open payments platform in Australia

PayPal has launched it global open payments platform in Australia, with a competition for Australian developers.

The inaugural PayPal X Australian Developer Competition is the proverbial carrot for developers to create innovative payment applications using PayPals X API, Adaptive Payments. The competition will take place in February 2010 at PayPal’s developer ‘code and build’ event. The winner will receive a substantial cash prize to help them commercialise their application. PayPal has yet to announce final details.

More than 25 Australians joined the thousand-plus developers globally who registered for the PayPal X limited beta program to receive access to the initial version of Adaptive Payments. They include Steven Cooper from Katmatcreations, Stu Andrews from Code Biscuit and Keith Mason from ACP Magazines, all of whom won a trip to the event.

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